2008 Burshed Gold Aluminum Bentley

We were doing it before the "Hype"!

This 2008 Bentley was wrapped in a Brushed Gold Aluminum Vinyl to give this car the Royal look that it deserves! This is an example of a Luxury Wrap due to the cars price and ability. To Ensure the job is done right a Specialist is brought out to remove the bumpers, door handles, lights and any other parts of the car we feel are necessary in order to complete a Car Wrap that will blow your friends and family out of the water!

Don't fall into the "Hype" of the imitators wrap it with the innovators!












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But how do you decide who to TRUST with this important job?

Honestly the first thing anyone is going to want to know “How much does a car wrap cost?” There are companies that have charged anywhere between $1000 to $2500 for a car wrap that is identical to the one at the next place. As a potential car wrap enthusiast, you need to know what exactly a car wrap is, but also what you are paying for. You’ve heard the old expression: “You get what you pay for.” You really do get end up getting what you pay for. We've seen Car Wraps done with cheap materials and when it comes time for removal you will see all the clear coat peal off as well. So when it comes to a car wrap as with any product or service, quality is an important part of the car wrap price. When it comes to car wraps, there are several factors that can influence the price of the car wrap and affect the quality of the finished product. Some companies will quote you very low prices for car wraps, but these quotes can be misleading. Here are a few important things to understand about low-ball quotes for “fast wrap” jobs.

Exotic Car Wrap Design – What’s Covered?

The possibilities when it comes to designing a Exotic Car Wrap or nearly endless. It is the experience of Exotic Car Wrapping is like none other which is why Car Wrapping has created such a hype and fan base over the past several years. When it comes to wrapping a car their is no standard or correct way of wrapping a car. Although there are many methods here at Printer’s Cove Miami Car Wrapping is done our own special way. A typical Car Wrap should also include the roof, side mirrors, or any performance parts like spoilers or scoops. Most Car Wrapping companies will quote your Car Wrap for a cheap cost but will not mention that these parts will not be wrapped! You must steer clear of these car wrapping companies and sit back with Printer’s Cove Miami’s Hassle Free Car Wrapping Experience. With our Exotic Car Wraps we make sure that your car gets fully wrapped so you can drive around like a professional! We offer a cost efficient way for people to get there car looking NEW AGAIN!

Car Wrap Preperation

The Preparation for Car Wrapping is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the car wrapping process. When wrapping a car, cars must be cleaned thoroughly, completely dried and wiped down with solution to remove all traces of Dirty, Grime and Wax. If you do not take this process seriously the vinyl will not stick to the car correctly. Since the Adhesive material used for wrapping cars is basically like a big sticker, everything sticks to it! If you are looking to get your car wrapped we offer a service option for $40 in which we will clean your car inside and out if you do not want to clean the car yourself. Most car wrapping companies will either not clean your car properly or not inform you to clean the car properly which in the end turns out for a bad car wrap. Aside from the cleaning there are certain parts of the vehicle that needs to be taken apart to correctly wrap a car. If a company is telling you they can wrap your car fully without removing anything, the job will not come out as expected. It takes a lot of skill to wrap a car but with our Professional Installers we can assure the parts the need to be removed will be removed so that the car is wrapped entirely for a professional finished look. Especially if you are interested in a Color Change Car Wrap. Many car wrapping companies don’t mention that the door jams and around bumpers won’t be wrapped correctly since the car has not been taken apart. When we wrap cars we assure you that we will cover all the original paint around there areas especially around bumpers, mirrors, etc. When you get a discounted rate for a car wrap is possibly because there are factors they are leaving out which would compensate for the price being too high. MANY CAR WRAPPING COMPANIES WILL NOT PROPERLY PREPARE OR ASSEMBLE YOUR CAR CORRECTLY. You don’t want to give your car to someone that is going to give your car back with something broken or unaligned. Please be aware when bargain shopping for a car wrap. For example, a company may have not throughly checked for dirt and wax or they did not remove the mirrors to wrap them and now the vinyl is peeling up. Nobody wants to go through the stress of fixing a car wrap so be sure to get it right the first time by choosing Printer’s Cove Miami’s Car Wrapping Service.


One of the biggest factors when it comes to Car Wrapping is the quality of the Car Wrapping Material. When it comes to cheap car wraps most of these companies are able to beat the street price because they order low quality Car Wrap Material. The price may be amazing but the final outcome may not be what you are looking for. These cheap Car Wrap Material do not look good and definitely do not last as long as high end Car Wrap Vinyl brands such as 3M, Avery and Oracle. The biggest problem with these cheap materials is the removal. Let’s say after a year or so the vinyl looks horrible due to the company who wrapped it using cheap material. When you go to peel the vinyl off there is a 90% chance either the paint or clear coat will be peeled off with the vinyl. Why wrap your car if it is going to mess up your car even more in the future? You want HIGH-QUALITY, DURABLE and LONG LASTING vinyl that will assure you that you will get your moneys worth. Don’t be fooled by false advertisement though. A lot of companies will go on and on about how they use 3M Car Wrap Vinyl or Avery Car Wrap Vinyl only, which may be true but like any other company there is good Car Wrap Vinyl  and bad Car Wrap Vinyl . You need to keep in mind that these companies have many Car Wrap Vinyls ranging from High-Quality Car Wrap Vinyl Series to Economy Car Wrap Vinyl Series. So although it may be 3M material they have differences between there grades of Car Wrap Vinyl . So your low price 3M Car Wrap quote turns into a company trying to pull a fast one on you with some cheap brittle Car Wrap Vinyl. You may not be able to tell the difference at first since you are new to the world of Car Wrapping but overtime you will notice Air Bubbles, Tears and Color Fading all throughout the car because the company used a very cheap Car Wrap Vinyl or lied about using a common brand such as 3M Car Wrap Vinyl, Avery Car Wrap Vinyl and Oracle Car Wrap Vinyl. Be sure to get really into detail with a Car Wrap Specialist. Ask for Car Wrap Vinyl brands and product numbers to assure that you are getting what you deserve. Also ask for a rundown of the different products they offer to see what is there cheap car wrap vinyl and what is their more expensive car wrap vinyl so that you don’t need up hurting yourself in the future. Lastly, Make sure that their is proof that the car wrap vinyl and car wrap service you paid for is actually done on your car,

Miami Car Wrap Installation.

When a Car Wrap is done the Car Wrap Installer must pay attention to the detail to ensure that the job is completed at its highest quality. In order for your car wrap to come out as best as possible the car wrap installer must be experienced and really take their time with installing the vinyl onto the car. Typically when it comes to car wraps if a company promises to wrap your car in a super fast turn around time. The finished car wrap wont live up to the expectations you have. Speaking of Installers, Our Certified Car Wrap Installers are specifically trained to do an amazing and time efficient job. Please Visit out Miami Car Wrap Installer Page for more information. Car Wrapping requires certified training, skills and a critical sense to detail. Car Wrapping is not a concept / profession that can be learned over night. Time is crucial to the learning process and the more experienced typically the better the car wrap installer is. The Car Wrap industry has been taken over by storm in miami. The phenomenon of wrapping your car has turned into something that every sign shop is now offering car wraps. Along with Car Wrap Specialists that are brand new to the industry. You wouldn't want an inexperienced installer working on your expensive car. Even if the car wrapping company uses the highest quality materials, your car can still be butchered by an inexperienced or poorly trained car wrap installer. This is why you should choose Printer's Cove Miami's Car Wrap / Vehicle Wrap Service. After the car wrap process you will be glad you chose us. You will notice the difference between a poorly wrapped car and a correctly wrapped car almost instantly and so will everyone else that checks out your amazing Car Wrap done by Printer's Cove Miami. Remember to choose only an experience company or installer. Check out our Miami Installation Page to see our trained installation professionals.


2000 Ford excursion

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