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8x10 Illuminated Fabric Backdrop Display

8x10 Illuminated fabric backdrop display stand
8x10 Illuminated fabric backdrop display stand 2
8x10 Illuminated fabric backdrop display stand 3
8x10 Illuminated fabric backdrop display stand 4
8x10 Illuminated fabric backdrop display stand 6
8x10 Illuminated fabric backdrop display stand 5
8x10 Illuminated fabric backdrop display stand 8
8x10 Illuminated fabric backdrop display stand 9
8x10 Illuminated fabric backdrop display stand 7

8x10 Illuminated Fabric Backdrop Display

Printer’s Cove Miami’s 8x10 Illuminated Fabric trade show display features durable 100mm aluminum extrusion frames, push-fit backlit fabric graphics and LED edge lighting, and measures 118.99"W x 94.74"H . Single and double-sided graphic options are available. LED lights come adhered to the frame, making set-up as simple as assembling the frame, applying the push-fit graphics and plugging in the electrical cord! TheIlluminated Fabric trade show display is ideal for use in retail, event, corporate and trade show environments as an illuminated messaging solution. (View Video to see Illumination)

  • - 100mm silver extrusion frame

  • - LED lighting top and bottom

  • - Single or double-sided SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics

  • - Easy assembly

  • - Comes packaged in one OCH wheeled molded case for transport or storage

  • - Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects

  • Assembled Dimensions - 118.98"x94.75"

  • Approx. 99lbs

Starting At :
Single Sided - $3,600.00
Double Sided - $4,499.99

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Setup Instructions

Graphic Template

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When it comes to a Trade Show display or booths here are so many options to pick. Luckily with our wide range of Trade show display and booth options you have a bundle of great trade shows displays to choose from. Going into 2017, Printer’s Cove Miami has expanded its involvement in Tension Fabric Printing and Displays. Tension Fabric is a perfect material for printing on because it gives a very deep and volumed tone to any artwork. The fabric also gives your booth a very professional and clean look. We do have the capability of printing our tension fabric single sided as well as double sided which allows you to have a display that is completely symmetrical offering double the advertising space! Our Tension Fabric Media walls come in 10’ 20’ and even 30’  wide to offer a completely stretched and straight fabric display. These are great for any large event because the display offers enough space to give your booth the “ leg room “ it needs! We also offer a Fabric Media wall that has end caps, the end caps go over the sides of the trade show display to offer a 3-D look to your booth. Not only does it look great but it hides the hardware so that you have the cleanest pop up display at the convention! This Fabric Tension Display is also available  in a U shape to close off your booth a little more if needed. The U Shape Tension Fabric is good for small booths that need a little more privacy. We then have our 8 ’ x 10 ‘ and 8 ’x 20 ‘ Illuminated Fabric Trade show Displays. These frames are equipped with and LED Light strip that goes completely around the inside of the hardware. This allows us to print an image onto the Tension Fabric and then have it light up from behind. The frames are built for single sided and double sided capability which allows you to have a double sided LED illuminated display! There are many more Fabric Tension displays that we are in the works but we also have standard 10 ‘ and 20 ‘  Pop up Tents that can be fully customized and purchased for any event. Lastly, our two most artistic displays that will blow the competition out of the water is the Vector Tension Fabric Display as well as our 10 ‘  Cove Fabric Counter Bar. The Vector display has 2 returns that give the 20 ‘ media wall indentations. This is a great effect and brings its A game when it comes to outstanding displays. We also offer LED lights and a booth that come with the Vector display to add even more amazement to your convention booth! The 10 ‘  Fabric counter bar is a great for any stable desk need. If you have an event that requires paid admission you could have the counter bar out front with your event logo to give your event an even more professional look. Stop waiting around and dive into our wonderful selection of Fabric Tension Trade Show Displays and Booths!

Trade show Displays and Booths are the #1 Fabric Tension Display services!
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