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Printer’s Cove Miami is the best place to go in South Florida for ADA Signage and Building Signage. Printer’s Cove is a place where construction companies, property owners, schools, government agencies, businesses and residential individuals can go to buy ADA compliant signs, Restroom Signs, Handicap Parking Signs, Building signs, weather they are custom designed or bulk designed we do them all! We do offer same day or next day shipping depending on which ADA Sign you decide to order. Our standard ADA Signs are usually the ones we keep in stock and can be ordered a lot quicker then a custom designed sign. If time is on your side though, we can create virtually any ADA sign that you can design or think of. Giving you the freedom to design your buildings interior the exact way you want it. For large orders we also offer Free UPS Ground Shipping, when placing your order or receiving a quote ask if your order qualifies for this special offer! If you don’t like any of our Standard ADA Signs and want to design your own, the average turnaround period is 4-6 days depending on the size of the orders. Give us a call at 305-563-9948 for a rapid quote on your ADA Signage.

Printer’s Cove ADA Signage Service is 100% American made! 

ADA Compliant Signs, Handicap Parking Signs, and Bathroom Signs can be Shipped Nationwide!


Printer's Cove Miami ADA Signage Service Manufactures and Distributes ADA Signage and ADA Products in compliance with: the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the United States Access Board (ADAAG)


For over 13 years, Printer’s Cove Miami has been producing and installing ADA Signage in the Miami and South Florida region. We do offer our services to the public but our main ADA Signage distribution is to Building Contractors ( or Sub-Contractors ), Building and Property owners / managers, Businesses Small or Large and any Government Buildings or agencies. Our ADA Signs are also good for retail stores, restaurants, work offices, schools, colleges and even universities such as FIU, FAU and UM. We provide nothing but high quality and durable ADA Signs so all of our customers. Weather you need a restroom sign, parking sign or any type of building sign. Printer’s Cove Miami is the place to go!

Printer’s Cove Miami’s ADA Sign Service offers thousands of options when is comes to ADA signs and other signage products. We even offer Truncated Domes ADA Pads.  Truncated Domes or Tactile Ground Surface Indicators is a system of raised flooring found at the beginning of stairs, sidewalks, ramps and platforms to provide a warning to pedestrians who are visually impaired (blind). This flooring allows them to distinguish when there is about to be a change in the path that they are walking. Truncated Domes ADA Pads are commonly found at gas stations when approaching the raised flooring to allow visually impaired individuals to be cautious. We at Printer’s Cove want to spread the love by complying with the Disabilities act to enhance and expand accessibility for all people despite their disability.

Most of the standard ADS Signs you see on our ADA Sign Service page can be ordered and completed with in a couple days guaranteed. When it comes to our fully customized ADA Signs we can create and finish an order in 3-6 business days depending on the size of the order. For instance, a 30 ADA sign order will be completed a lot quicker than a 400 ADA sign order. When it comes to our Truncated Domes and ADA Pads we can normally have those shipped out within 2-4 business days as well. All orders must have a deposit paid in order to ship out with the above timing. The best part about our ADA Sign service is that any order over $500 gets free delivery or shipping!

We also provide ADA Sign installations if needed. You can visit our Installations page and click on the ADA Signage tab for more information on scheduling an installer to put up your ADA Signs.

Exactly What Is an ADA Signs

An ADA sign can be described as more than a sign that tells you the room number, office or restroom you are going into. ADA Compliant signs have been created by the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to better serve our nations disabled individuals.


The phrase ADA Sign originally stood for American Disability Act, which in todays world has just been interpreted as a phrase when referring to indoor or outdoor building signs in architecture, construction and the signage industry. Over the years this phrase has been misused, A lot of people assume that an ADA sign is just any sign with braille on it. Although ADA Signs do provide braille lettering to help people who are visually disabled, but these ADA signs are full all individuals with disabilities so the information on an ADA Sign is a lot more than just braille.


Every sign in public buildings by law are help to this standard of ADA signs. Ever since this Americans Disability Act has passed it has been a must for all architecture or building signs to be ADA compliant, especially having braille lettering. If a sign is put permanently to identify a room, building, office or exit, the sign should be ADA compliant if not serious fines can follow. Our ADA Sign Service brings simplicity to adding ADA signs to your building, and making sure you are up to date with all the ADA Sign Requirements!


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