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Do you need a Car Wrap Company in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. Events and Advertisement in Las Vegas has grown greatly as the demand for printed advertisement is at an all Time High. Printers Cove has now opened up a Printing Company in Las Vegas that can now handle all your Printing and Graphic Installation needs. The Las Vegas Print Shop is built around Fast Turnarounds and Pop Up Events in Las Vegas that require graphics in a sort period of time. Printing Vinyl Graphics locally instead of at our Miami location, saves our customers the cost of shipping as well as guaranteeing your order is completed in time.


Large Format Digital Printers are versatile and print on many different types of materials.  a variety of Printed Graphic Solutions for your Business, Event or Convention in Las Vegas. Submit your Las Vegas Project Details to get a Quote Today!

How Long does a 3M Vinyl Wrap last

A 3M Vinyl wrap can last any on average 3-5 years, however the longevity of the wrap depends on several aspects.

  • ​How often you wash your car?

  • Is your vehicle is garage kept?

Once your vehicle is wrapped, you will need to consider keeping the vinyl clean to avoid any sun-fading or build up of debris. The vehicle should only be washed with Approved Products that can be found at The Vinyl Wrap product care guide is also attached below for you to review.

Car Wrap Care Guide for Washing your vinyl wrap.png

Types of Vehicle Wraps in Las Vegas

When it comes to Vehicle Wrap, there are a ton of different options and combinations to help you get the exact look you want.


For most wrap customers, a basic Color Change Wrap is the option to go with. This type of wrap service completely changes the full color of your vehicle. Color Change Wraps consists of All Gloss, Matte, Satin, Metallic and Chrome colors.

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Some of our customers are looking to advertise their business with a wrap, we offer Commercial Truck Wraps that allow you to Advertise with your business or company information. Business Car Wraps are typically used for Company Trucks or Delivery vans. Simply adding your company logo, services and business information to your work vehicle can increase brand exposure while out on the road. Large corporations pay thousands of dollars yearly to advertise with billboards, for a few thousand dollars you can compete in the same advertising space year round. 

Color Change Wraps
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Commercial Truck Wraps
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