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The Las Vegas Print Shop

Las Vegas Printing Company

Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. Events and Advertisement in Las Vegas has grown greatly as the demand for printed advertisement is at an all Time High. Printers Cove has now opened up a Facility in Las Vegas that can now handle all your Las Vegas Printing and Graphic Installation needs. The Las Vegas Print Shop is built around Fast Turnarounds and Pop Up Events in Las Vegas that require graphics in a sort period of time. Printing Vinyl Graphics in Las Vegas instead of our Miami location, we save our customers on the cost of shipping as well as shorten production time.


Large Format Inkjet Printers are versatile and allow us to produce a variety of Printed Graphic Solutions for your Business, Event or Convention in Las Vegas. Submit your Las Vegas Project Details to get a Quote Today!

Las Vegas Vinyl Graphics

Adhesive Vinyl Graphics are a large part of our Las Vegas Printing Company business. Vinyl Graphics can be use to brand Windows, Walls, Floors and Custom Structures. One of the main benefits of our Las Vegas Graphics is that they can be produced as temporary or permanent signage. The versatility of the Vinyl Graphics gives you the opportunity to temporarily brand your Las Vegas Events at a more cost effective rate. However, Permanent Adhesive Graphics can be produces for the customers that want to brand their own business or are in need of a longer lasting Vinyl Print.

Las Vegas Banner Printing is another service we offer up to 60”w seamless in house. However, Banners can be seamed together to create a Large Format Banner. For the customer with lead time, Large Format Banners will be produced in Miami and then shipped to our Las Vegas location. 10’ Wide Printing is only available through our Miami Production facility at the moment.