Custom Red Carpet Backdrops

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  • Pricing will include Installation and Breakdown of Signage/Displays

  • Our Company is Insured so a COI can be supplied if needed.

  • We Service all of South Florida

Custom Red Carpet Backdrops

Our Custom Red Carpet Backdrops are built in sections of 4'. We offer standard widths of 4',8',12',16',20',24',28'. If you are interested in 32' and over please contact us immediately. Red Carpet Backdrops are perfect for any Miami Event. The Printed Shrub Step and Repeat Backdrops will really "WOW" your event guests. If you are looking for a Red Carpet Backdrop, Contact us right away to start planning your Event!

  • Sturdy and Durable Red Carpet Backdrop Display

  • Heavy Duty and Reinforced for Outdoor Events

  • Average height of 7'6" x Virtually Any Width

  • Single Sided Red Carpet Display

  • Additional Options such as Red Carpet, Rope & Stanchions and Shrubs


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Red Carpet Backdrops

  • We offer many solutions for Red Carpet Backdrops if you are trying to Add Sponsors or Simply Brand your Event. Although we offer simple 8x8 Step and Repeat Displays as well as our Trade Show Media Walls, we also offer a Custom Red Carpet Backdrop Service. The Red Carpet Backdrop service includes a Printed Banner, Installation of Backdrop as well as the Removal after the Event. We build our Backdrop frames in 4' Sections, which means we can extend the length in 4' sections. The standard Backdrop height is 7'6", however they can be custom made for Events with Special Requirements.

  • The Red Carpet Backdrop service comes as a package, therefor your Installation and Breakdown Cost will be added into the estimate from the beginning. For our Standard 20' Red Carpet Backdrop we would need to have a solid 2-3 Hour Window to completely install. As for breakdown, We would need about 1-2 hours for breakdown of the Red Carpet Backdrop. If there are any restrictions or regulations for Cargo Drop off at your Venue, Please let us know in advance so that we may go to the Venue and survey the installation area.


Red Carpet Backdrops are great for any Miami Event
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