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Las Vegas Print Shop

The Las Vegas Print Shop

Do you need a Las Vegas Printing Company?

Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. Events and Advertisement in Las Vegas has grown greatly as the demand for printed advertisement is at an all Time High. Printers Cove has now opened up a Printing Company in Las Vegas that can now handle all your Printing and Graphic Installation needs. The Las Vegas Print Shop is built around Fast Turnarounds and Pop Up Events in Las Vegas that require graphics in a sort period of time. Printing Vinyl Graphics locally instead of at our Miami location, saves our customers the cost of shipping as well as guaranteeing your order is completed in time.


Large Format Digital Printers are versatile and print on many different types of materials.  a variety of Printed Graphic Solutions for your Business, Event or Convention in Las Vegas. Submit your Las Vegas Project Details to get a Quote Today!

Custom Vinyl Graphics in Las Vegas

Adhesive Vinyl Graphics are the most common form of advertising throughout the city of Vegas. Vinyl Graphics can be used to brand Windows, Walls, Floors and Custom Structures at any location. One of the main benefits of our Adhesive Vinyl Decals is that they can be produced as temporary or permanent signage to meet your advertising needs.




 Temporary adhesive vinyl was designed for Short Term applications such as Advertising for an Event or Show. The key component to Temporary Graphics is the Removable Adhesive used on the back of the vinyl. Removable adhesive is designed to create a strong adhesion while installed, but can also be heated for a clean and easy removal. This vinyl is great for any space that will be used for multiple advertising opportunities or sold as an Ad Space.

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl is most commonly used on Storefront Wraps or Wall Murals at a business or hotel. These graphics are designed with a permanent adhesive to assure the vinyl will stay installed over a long period of time. Permanent adhesive graphics can be removed however the process is much more difficult and should only be used for Long-Term advertising.


Las Vegas Banner Printing

Our Banner Printing capabilities in house are up to 60in Wide with no limit on the Height. This means we can print any banner that has one side under 60". Banners can be paneled together to create a larger piece however this will create Vertical seams where the banners meet .For Large Format Banners that must be printed in one piece, Our Print Shop in Miami handles the printing and shipping to our Las Vegas location. 

Car Wrap Shops Near me in Las Vegas

If you are looking for a Local Car Wrap Shop in Las Vegas, you have came to the right spot. Our Car Wrap division in Las Vegas is located by Allegiant Stadium. Car Wraps is the process of covering your vehicles paint with an adhesive vinyl to change the color or apply a design. Our vehicle wrap options range from Solid, Metallic, Chrome and even Custom printed designs. Click here to learn more about our Car Wraps in Las Vegas.

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