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Miami is full of beautiful women and exotic cars. It's no wonder why Miami has become one of the car wrap "color change wrap" meccas. Car wraps have evolved drastically since 2010. The amount of choices and color combinations for car wraps are endless with matte, gloss, satin, metallic, and chrome finishes available. Printer's Cove Miami has pioneered the Miami Car Wrap industry from it's inception. Printer's Cove Miami has been wrapping cars matte before the materials of today were readily available. With over 10 years of wrapping cars in Miami, Printer's Cove Miami has the expertize to take on any project. And yes we garuantee all of our work!

Don't fall into the "Hype" of the imitators wrap it with the innovators!

Yes! You read correctly!

FREE Interior trim wrap with the purchase of a full colorchange wrap!

*some exclusions may apply depending on make and model

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What do we mean by "Luxury Car Wraps"?


Luxury Car Wraps cover vehicles such as Bugatti, McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari and much more!

The reason that these specific car brands have their own category is for the simple fact that if you pay half a million dollars for a car, you are going to want most professional care to ensure your car is not damaged. The Luxury Car Wrap service allows to bring in a professional to remove the bumpers, door handles and any other parts that may need to be removed for wrapping. Removing these parts allows us to fully wrap the edges. Wrapping the edges is an important part to the car wrap process because done wrong the edges can start to peel and the vinyl will fail and who would want to pay top dollar to wrap their car and have it fall apart 6 months after. With our Luxury Wrap service we make assure that your car wrap will last at least 3 years easily! 


Our Spectacular Work! 

Our Spectacular Work! 


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