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Coroplast, white corrugated plastic sign blanks - Thickness 4mm


Coroplast signs can be used for outdoor signage that needs tobe UV resistant and weather proof. Custom Coroplast can be used for Policital yard signs that go in your neighbors lawn or an A-Frame display at your local restaurant to showcase their daily special. No matter what type of sign you need for an outdoor setting, coroplast is an affordable and reliable solution.


The most comoon size is 24"x36" however 22"x228" or 24"x18" are alos utlizied as a standard coroplast sign size throughout the industry.


The specific material of the sign is a Corrugated plastic. Coroplast, a well known brand of Corrugated plastic, is a versatile extruded twin-wall plastic sheet that is great for outdoor use as a sign. Coroplast material is both lightweight and cost-effective. This sign material is also ideal for a wide-range of indoor and outdoor uses such as Menus , Event Signage, Directional Signs,  Point-Of-Purchase Signs, Promotional Signage, and Political signage.


  • 24” x 36” is the most common size for A- Frame Signs or sandwich board
  • 22” x 28” is the most common size for A- Frame Signs Small
  • 24” x 18" is the most common size for Yard-Sign.
  • Poster boards vertical flutes: if you are using as Yard-Sign your signage will be horizontal to allow the metal stake to slide thorugh the flutes.


Color: White

Material Type: Coroplast

Product Dimensions:

-24” x 36” x 4mm

-22” x 28” x 4mm

-24” x 18” x 4mm

Pre Cut Coroplast Blank Signs

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