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Wall Graphics turn your blank walls into decorative money making advertising spaces! 

Interior or exterior wall wraps or wall murals are the best way to generate advertising revenue. Printer's Cove Miami has developed methods to wrap any wall no matter the texture, hight, or fabricated material. Printer's Cove Miami uses the correct vinyl with the correct adhesive for the application. By letting Printer's Cove Miami take care of the project from inception we can decide what vinyl is correct for that application at the site survey stage. But wait the best news is still to come! If you decide to allow Printer's Cove Miami to tackle your wall wrap or wall mural the site survey is absolutely FREE! Yes you read correctly FREE site survey with a signed quote and the deposit for the wall wrap or wall mural.

Don't fall into the "Hype" of the imitators wrap it with the innovators!

Yes! You read correctly!

FREE Site survey with a signed quote and deposit for the wall wrap or wall mural project!

*site survey is free in Dade and Broward County

Custom Wall Mural Printing Company

One of the best ways to advertise your business in todays market is to put your image in the face of your customers. Whats more in your face than the walls that surround you! For nearly 20 years, Printers Cove has manufactured Vinyl Wall Graphics and Canvas Wall Murals for the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach areas.

The journey of Wall Vinyl Graphics begins with hand painted murals and simple glue-on wallpaper that was used to create a wall mural. However over time, manufacturers began offering a printable vinyl material with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing or PSA. The PSA backing made it possible for a vinyl product to exist that could be printed on and then installed to a wall without needing a separate glue application like traditional wallpaper. As a result, we are able to offer Custom Printed Wall Murals with professional installation for all of South Florida.

Types of Wall Mural Installations we offer

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Vinyl Wall Wraps

Canvas Wall Mural Graphic Installs.JPG

Canvas Wall Wraps

There are 2 types of Wallpaper materials we print on that you can choose for your Wall Mural installation.


Our Vinyl Wall Wraps are printed on a Vinyl material that has an adhesive backing designed for wall application. The vinyl comes in 54in roll. Therefor for Large Format Walls, we will split the graphic into panels with a small overlap in between. These overlaps are minimal, an example of the finished wall mural is above. This image showcases a wall mural graphic that was split into 4 panels.


Furthermore, The wall vinyl can be printed with any graphic with no color restrictions other than Neon and Chrome. There is no extra cost for printing with 100% Color Coverage or 20% Color Coverage. To continue, We pair the printed Vinyl Graphic with a Gloss or Matte lamination to protect your artwork from UV Rays and light scuffs. In conclusion, a Vinyl Wall Wrap is one of the most basic forms of Wall Mural Installations we offer however it is an easy way to begin branding your business in a BIG way.

Our Canvas Wall Wraps have innovated the way we wrap walls for our customers. Similar to the Vinyl, the canvas has the same adhesive backer but with a canvas face instead of vinyl. The reason for this is because the printed canvas has a texture where as the vinyl is completely smooth. This texture adds another dimensions to the wall mural by giving off the feel that the wall is a hand painted canvas.


For the customer looking to create Art versus Advertising is where the line is typically drawn between Vinyl and Canvas Graphics. Most clients that choose our Canvas Wall Graphics are typically looking for a truly custom approach to decorating their walls such as Art Galleries, Libraries, Boutiques and Museums.

Can Vinyl Graphics be used on Any Wall?

The best thing about our Wall Wraps is that the Vinyl Graphics we print can be installed on both indoor and outdoor walls.

For surfaces like Painted Drywall or Concrete, specific materials are already designated for these projects as each of these wall surfaces take their own type of adhesive. However, If you do not have what we call a "traditional" wall, In order to determine which specific vinyl is needed for your wall, a Vinyl Wall Pull Test should be conducted to assure the correct vinyl is used for the project. 

For Concrete, we use a specific Cast Vinyl that is designed to conform to rough and textured surfaces like concrete. Cast Vinyl is typically used on vehicles because it can stretch and conform to the shapes/curves that a Calendared vinyl wont conform too. However, This cast vinyl is backed with a super aggressive adhesive to assure the vinyl stays adhered to the walls no matter the  texture.

Furthermore when it comes to the installation, the installer must first position and install the panels like a normal wall mural. However, once the graphic is stuck in place, The installer then must go back and essentially melt the material into the concrete with a heat gun. This means that concrete vinyl graphics essentially needs to be installed twice where as an interior dry wall mural would only have to be installed once.


To continue, Once the vinyl is heated up to about 900-1100 degrees, a foam roller is used to press the vinyl into the texture of the concrete. This process is typically called the Heat-n-Roll vinyl installation method. Essentially the vinyl is heated up until it is almost melting, then rolled into the concrete which allows the vinyl to conform to even the roughest textured walls.


If you don't believe us, Just go to our Building Wraps Page for more information on Exterior Concrete Wall Wraps and Building Graphics.

How long will the Wall Graphic last? Do you offer
protective lamination?

A Vinyl Wall Graphic can last a lifetime indoors, because there is no Sun or rain that will affect the lifetime of your wall mural. On the other hand, When it comes to outdoor installations it will all depend on Sun Exposure and other elements the graphics are exposed too. In most cases, an Outdoor Wall Mural will last about 3-5 years. If the outdoor wall is facing East, fading will begin to occur sooner than expected at about 2-3 years. With that being said, if you are looking to get the most out of your concrete wall mural you should consider choosing a wall that faces North.

Aside from the actual vinyl your graphic is printed on, a protective layer of lamination is applied over the artwork to protect your graphics once installed. Just like vinyl, lamination has different options depending on the type of wall mural requested. For example, Concrete Graphics must conform to the texture of a surface, therefor a Cast lamination is needed. On the contrary, An interior drywall mural will need a lamination that helps protect against cleaning products and fingerprints. Nonetheless,  Gloss, Matte or Luster lamination is available to protect any wall mural printing in Miami.

In some cases, Wall Mural Graphics can be printed on our UV Printer without any lamination. Without lamination, the UV Ink will last about 6 months outdoor. This option is great for temporary advertising or Events in Miami that will only last a few days.

How do I order my Vinyl Wall Graphics?

To begin ordering your vinyl wall graphics, we will need to know some basic information such as,

  • Size of the Wall (Height and Width)

  • Type of Wall (Drywall, Concrete, Wood)

  • Deadline

  • Type of Lamination (Gloss, Matte or Luster)


If you already have this information, you can simply fill out our Order Form below or

reach out to to get a quote for your wall decals.


If you do not have the details for your Wall Mural project, you must reach out to schedule a Site Survey. Once your site survey is scheduled, Our certified graphic installation team will be sent out to the location to take measurements and gather the required details to produce your wall mural. Furthermore, Once the basic information is acquired, we'll send over a quote for your Wall Mural with printing and installation included

The next step is approving the pricing and paying your deposit. After the deposit is paid, you will email your artwork over to be reviewed and setup for production. Any issues with the artwork will be identified here and you will be notified before printing.

Furthermore, you will receive a visual proof that will require an approval before your job is released to the printers. If you need more information on how to set up your wall mural artwork, visit our Artwork Page for our file specifications.

How easy is it to install a Wall Mural or Wall Vinyl?

Wall Vinyl Graphics can be tricky to install depending on the size. For smaller decals, such as Phatheads or contour cut graphics, our customers should have no problem installing these prints on their own. For these decals, A thicker vinyl with a low tack adhesive is used to allow easy positioning and install for even a beginner. On the other hand, when it comes to installing an 8x20 Wall Mural in Miami Beach, our professional graphic installation team will need to handle the project. These wall murals are printed in large panels with high tack adhesive that becomes difficult to install if you are unfamiliar with the techniques.

In conclusion, wall vinyl decals can be installed on your own however if you are looking to get a Large Format Wall Mural installed at your store or mall, we got you covered from Start to Finish!

Vinyl Wall Graphics

Canvas Wall Murals, 
A new way to add Artwork to your wall!

If you are opening a new store or constructing a condominium, printed canvas wall murals can be a great way to fill a space or add graphics to a room. A Wall mural can be more than just a way to brand or advertise your company. Showcase artwork with our Canvas Wall Wraps that truly add another dimension to any room. Our canvas wallpaper are textured to look just like a painted art canvas. This canvas material comes with a Glossy Finish when printed on our UV machines, and Matte Finish when printed on our Solvent Machines. Canvas Wall Graphics can be used to decorate an art gallery or pop-up experiences that require that next level look. We produce and install our wall murals throughout all of South Florida, however we are located in the Miami Area.

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Canvas Wall mural Wrap in Miami-min.jpg

Our Spectacular Work! 

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Vinyl Wall Graphics
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