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Wall Wraps, Wall Graphics, and Wall Scapes turn your blank walls into decorative money making advertising spaces! 

Interior or exterior wall wraps or wall murals are the best way to generate advertising revenue. Printer's Cove Miami has developed methods to wrap any wall no matter the texture, hight, or fabricated material. Printer's Cove Miami uses the correct vinyl with the correct adhesive for the application. By letting Printer's Cove Miami take care of the project from inception we can decide what vinyl is correct for that application at the site survey stage. But wait the best news is still to come! If you decide to allow Printer's Cove Miami to takle your wall wrap or wall mural the site survey is absolutley FREE! Yes you read correctly FREE site survey with a signed quote and the deposit for the wall wrap or wall mural.

Don't fall into the "Hype" of the imitators wrap it with the innovators!

Yes! You read correctly!

FREE Site survey with a signed quote and deposit for the wall wrap or wall mural project!

*site survey is free in Dade and Broward County

Miami Wall Wraps and Miami Wall Murals 

One of the best ways to advertise your business in todays market is to put your image in peoples face. Whats more in your face than the walls that surround you! Printer’s Cove Miami’s Wall Wraps have been around for over 10 years and has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to advertise your company in the city of Miami. Our Wall Wraps service covers Wall Scapes, Wall Murals, Wallpaper and anything you can think of that has to do with applying a graphic or vinyl to a wall. The journey began with non aggressive adhesives and simple wallpaper used to perform a wall wrap installation. Over time manufacturers started to offer  Pressure sensitive adhesive’s that can be printed and mounted onto surfaces. Once the material has been printed on by one of our digital format presses, it than gets laminated either Matte or Gloss to ensure that the image is protected and lifetime is prolonged. From there the excess vinyl is trimmed and you are ready for installation. The Vinyl then acts as a sticker, you peel off the backing of the vinyl and apply the vinyl to a surface with a 3M Squeegee. This process does take training and practice but for our Miami Installation Team this is an every day job. With this technology we have been able to reduce prices to help our clients advertise their businesses to its maximum potential. Any artwork or Graphic can be printed on the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Vinyls allowing you to fully customize your design for maximum advertising!


The best thing about our Wall Murals is that they can be indoor or outdoor. Yes, you can even wrap your whole building! 3M Technology has allowed us to wrap concrete surfaces. You can turn your whole building into an advertising wonderland! Just go to our Building Wraps Page for more information on Exterior Wall Wraps and Building Murals. If you are looking for Indoor wall wraps then you are in the right spot. Once you contact us, one of our certified installers will be sent out to the installation location to take measurements and complete a whole site survey based on the circumstances of the location. From there you will receive a quote for your Wall Mural with a  complete breakdown of the installation. Once approved you will email us the artwork which we will than run through our pre press department so that your order can be sent out to our production floor.Once the mall mural has been printed and laminated in either gloss or matte 3M Lamination, we can then go about scheduling the installation of your wall wrap. Printer’s Cove Miami’s professional graphic installers will then perform the wall wrap installation at the designated location so that you can begin your advertising frenzy! The process does take time but the advertising outcome of a Wall Wrap or Wall Mural is well worth the time and cost!

Our Spectacular Work! 

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