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Wide Format Banner Printing

The most versatile product and the most economical.  Banners!

Banners are a fast and economic way of advertising. Printer's Cove Miami has the capability to print banners up tp 10' wide and 100' long seamlessly. Printer's Cove Miami doesnt stop there. By paneling and heat seaming the banner material or mesh material together Printer's Cove Miami can achieve custom sizes up to practically any width and length. If it's a 10'x10' step and repeat backdrop, a retractable banner (roll-up banner), a small banner for a school event or a large banner to cover a building Printe'rs Cove Miami has got you covered.

Printer's Cove Miami is the leader in Miami banner printing!

Miami Banner Printing at its Finest!

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The most important part of running a successful business is to ensure that your clients and customers are always 100% satisfied with your work. Printer’s Cove Miami likes to make sure all of its customers are treated equally which is why we have the best production management in all out South Florida and Miami region. Our Miami Banner Printing service is more than just vinyl banners and signs, Our Miami Banner Printing service takes banner printing to a new level. 

We now offer 6 different sizes of Retractable Banner Stands reaching up to 8 feet wide! If you go to our Retractable Banner Page you will also notice we have direct access to pricing and setup videos/instructions. This gives our users an easy and friendly way to ensure their stand is set up correctly and their quote is as fast as ever! 


We also offer Step and Repeat Backdrops and Banners in practically any size! A Step and Repeat banner is just a Vinyl or Fabric banner that has one or several logos repeated in a specific pattern. We do offer a FREE DESIGN with your first order, all preceding orders are charged a $40 charge for artwork setup. If you would like to set up your own artwork you can do so by saving your art work to the preferred file type found on our Artwork Page ( 

Custom Fabricated frames can be built for large sizes but for quick and easy orders we do offer hardware which ranges from 4x8 to 8x8 to 8x10 for each Step and Repeat Banner which can be accessed at your Step and Repeat Banner Page.

For Fabricated Frames and custom built stands please visit out Fabrication Page.

However, Let's not forget the main part of our Miami Banner Printing service which are our printed vinyl banners. For the last 13 years we have been producing vinyl banners, fabric banners, canvas banners and even mesh banner for the Miami and Surrounding Area. Banners are truly are niche which is why we have not only tweaked our production capability but we have also changed our printing method to assure our banner printing is crystal clear. With two 3-meter digital printing machines and a High Resolution 64in Digital Printing Machine, We are printing banners and adhesive better than anyone in Miami! When it comes to the Banner Printing Service, Printer’s Cove surely has is in the bag.


We are now also offering Printed Mesh Fence Banners. Starting at about $3.50/sqft, we are one of the Top Mesh Fence Banner producing companies in Miami. For easy to view pricing please proceed to our Fence Wraps Page. Our printing mesh banners are done on 13oz Mesh Banner to give you light yet durable material so you get the most life out of your banners. Once we receive artwork we will have it ran through our pre-press team which will then send your order out to our production floor. This is where we oversea all of our jobs and schedule you into our production. Once the mesh banners have been printed they move onto our Finishing crew. Our Finishing crew then heat seams the edges of the banners and then adds a brass grommet every 2 feet to allow you to hang your Mesh Fence Banners with ease. We offer Max Metals Fence Wraps done with 3M Certified Adhesive, We offer Windscreens and we also offer the Printed Mesh Series. Please view our Printed Fence Series for more information. 

We Even Offer 10 foot or 126 inch Fabric Printing!

For over 12 years we have been offering Wide Format Printing for Fabric and Canvas Printed Banners, but now with our newly improved Press Force we are better than ever! Prints can be as large as 10' x 150' Seamless! If you are looking to get a quote or have any questions just click here to Contact Us.

Our Wide FormatPress Force
"YHIVI" 10' Wide Press

"Big Blue" gets its name because of its massive size and sleek baby blue design. This 3-Meter press is ahead of its time helping us achieve the #1 Miami Banner Printing service! Dual heads allow us to print up to 18 passes which serves for the most high resolution prints there is. When it comes to Large format and Digital Printing, we run the show with Big Blue and all of our other machines running steadily behind.

"The XL" 10' Wide Press

"The XL" is the tank of our operation. Running for the past 11 Years and still producing like a champ. The HP Scitex pushes out a large some of our bulk banner printing. With this machine banner printing hasn’t been more efficient. With several tension rollers and heating elements this machine is built to last and it has! We have to give a big thanks to HP for this well designed banner printing machine.

"The 8000" 64" press

Lastly we have “The 8000”, Our banner printer with the highest resolution capability. We keep our 64in HP Designjet as part of our work force in order to make sure we take time on our smaller jobs. When you have two 3-meter presses it can be inefficient to run a small roll of 54in 3M vinyl when you can be pushing out a 126” Vinyl banner. To Maximize efficiency we have our special 8000s to handle all these jobs.

Don Q and Dos Lunas Bar Banners and Wraps

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Miami Dolphin Stadium level 400


13oz Matte Banner, 3M 35c, and 3M Concrete Graphic Film and Overlaminate

Project Details

Long Bars had 13oz Matte banner stapled to the wood surface, some were wrapped with 3M 35c, and wall were wrapped with 3M Concrete Graphic Film and Overlaminate.

2013-2013 Miami Heat Championship Parade  Banners


American Airlines Arena


13oz Matte Banner

Project Details 

Banners printed for the Miami Heat Championship Paradein 2012 ansd 2013.

Miami Heat Championship Banners on both the front and back of the

American Airlines Arena in 2012 and 2013.

2012 2013 heat championship banners21
2012 2013 heat championship banners20
2012 2013 heat championship banners19
2012 2013 heat championship banners18
2012 2013 heat championship banners17
2012 2013 heat championship banners16
2012 2013 heat championship banners15
2012 2013 heat championship banners14
2012 2013 heat championship banners8
2012 2013 heat championship banners7
2012 2013 heat championship banners6
2012 2013 heat championship banners9
2012 2013 heat championship banners10
2012 2013 heat championship banners11
2012 2013 heat championship banners12
2012 2013 heat championship banners13
2012 2013 heat championship banners5
2012 2013 heat championship banners1
2012 2013 heat championship banners4
2012 2013 heat championship banners3
2012 2013 heat championship banners2

Step and Repeat Banners, Backdrops


Various Venues


130z Matte Banner

Project Details

Step and repeats can be made almost any size and installed anywhere. Printer's Cove Miami can provide stands up to 10'x8' or custom fabricate to your specific size and needs,

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13oz Matte Banner