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Miami Banner Printing and Large Format Printing in Miami Florida

Large Format Printing
and Miami Banner Printing

Our Large Banner Printing service provides Wide Format Printing
to the Tri-State Area of  Miami, Broward and Palm Beach County


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For 20 years, Printers Cove provides Large Format Printing services to businesses located in the Miami, Palm Beach and Broward County areas. Since opening in 2003, Printers Cove has evolved into more than a Miami Banner Printing company. Constantly innovating ways for our clients to advertise their brand through Printed Advertisement. Our Large Format Printing typically refers to Large Building Banners and Vinyl Wrap Advertising.

Through the Menu Bar at the top of the page, You can search through all of our Oversized Printing Services. However some of our more basic products and services include Vinyl Banners, Mesh Banners, Wall Graphics, Window Vinyl, Building Wraps.


For Corporate Events or Parties,We offer easy-to-use pop up displays such as Step and Repeats, Roll Up Banners, Wrinkle Free Fabric Displays. Most of our displays come in standard sizes however our fabrication department can create any custom display you may need for your event. Check out our Event Printing and Display pages for more details on these products.

Step and Repeat Backdrop.png
Stretch Fabric Backdrop Pop up Display.png

We custom fabricated Red Carpet Backdrops and Step and Repeat Banners. Our Machines print up to 10’ wide seamless, creating a backdrop that is one piece with no overlaps or seams. We offer the quickest and most reliable service in Miami which is why so many people choose us! Most Custom step and repeat displays are constructed out of a wooden framing with banner or fabric stretched over the face.


Most of our wide format products are vinyl based with solvent ink. Vinyl is a plastic like material that is UV and water resistant. Which means our Vinyl Banners are weatherproof and great for outdoor advertising. 

Printed Vinyl Banners are temporary forms of advertisement. As for life expectancy, Outdoor vinyl banners

will last about 1-2 years. Signs of fading may appear after the 1-2 year mark depending on sun exposure. 

Custom print your banner with any image or design. Banners are simple for branding and can be used to

advertise in any space. We produce banners for all of Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach. 

Our banner printing machines print up to 10ft wide by 150ft. We print Any size banner such as a 4ft by 8ft or 10ft by 20ft.

Our 3 main types of banner printing materials are:
13oz Scrim Banner, 9oz Mesh Banner and 15oz Smooth Banner.

For most outdoor banner installations, 13oz banner is the industry standard. The banner comes in Gloss or Matte Finish. For our outdoor vinyl banners, we only use Matte banner. The matte finish minimizes the amount of glare the banner will reflect. Making it easier for customers to read your ad without going blind. UV Coating is available for projects exceeding 2 years. Stronger banner materials like 18oz are available upon request.

For indoor advertising, we recommended upgrading to 15oz smooth banner. Images print more crisp and high-res on the indoor smooth banner. This is because the smooth material accepts ink better than a standard banner. This makes the 15oz "smooth" banner a must for indoor malls or shopping centers. Common uses for 15oz Smooth banner are double-sided banners or framed banners. 

Our Mesh Banners allow air to flow through a 70/30 perforation across the material. The perforation allows the banner to channel air through the material. Therefor, Wind pressure cannot build up behind the banner causing it to fail. This air flow feature is important for large buildings banners with heavy winds.  Ensuring your banner does not get torn in high winds. Especially in areas with strong winds like South Florida.

Mesh Fence Banners are great branding spaces for construction companies. Printed banners advertise your company and help keep the job site private. Don't get lost in the shuffle with a standard fence screen. Learn more about our Mesh Banner Printing services.

Wall Murals in Miami-min.jpg

Vinyl Wall Wraps are a great way of making a Branding Impact in any room. A wall mural can range from basic advertising to full graphic artwork. The purpose of installing wall graphics is to spread a message to customers. A business showcasing visual graphics of their products is one example. The wall mural acts like a menu in this case. Spreading a visual message of the products you sell to your customers.

Custom print your own designs into an office wall mural. Any high resolution graphic design will work for our Wall Graphics. 

We offer two types of Interior Wall Wraps.

A wall vinyl pull test is the first step to getting your wall wrap. This test determines the correct vinyl and adhesive needed for the project. For Drywall, a paint with High Gloss Finish is recommended. The glossy finish creates a stronger bond between vinyl's adhesive and the wall. If the adhesion of the material to the wall is not strong, the wall mural may fail. Luckily, the wall vinyl pull test makes this process much easier.

Have you been to a store with graphics on their walls? More than likely, the graphics were a Vinyl Wall Wrap. Wall Vinyl is a smooth material with an adhesive backing designed for walls. Submit any type of graphic for solid wall murals. Wall Vinyl works great for advertising or branding your office space. Considering a vinyl wall wrap could last a 5-7 years. We use Matte or Gloss lamination to protect your printed graphic. 

For the projects that are looking for the "wow" factor. Our Textured Canvas Wall Wraps add an artistic dimension to your wall mural. Our UV Ink's layered on the canvas to add even more depth. The textured surface creates a more artistic finish that resembles paint. The canvas wall mural is great for newly constructed hotels or offices. At Yotel Miami, 222 rooms have our textured canvas wall murals installed. It's there way of bringing a fresh vibe to their renovated rooms.


Let your customers know you are open for business with customized Window Vinyl Graphics. The Storefront of a business is one of the first things a customer will notice about your company. Do not lose your customers attention before they even give your business a chance. A custom designed Window Wrap will reel your customers in if they are truly interested, bringing in quality leads that are looking to make a purchase. Window Vinyl gets laminated and then installed to your stores windows by our certified and insured graphic installation team. Reach out to us to see how we can help you Advertise your products and services to the street traffic with our business window graphics.

Building wrap.jpg

Exterior concrete building wraps require a special vinyl. The concrete vinyl has an aggressive adhesive designed for rough surfaces. The vinyl gets installed with heat in what we call the Heat-n-Roll method. We heat the vinyl until melting point. Then, roll a foam roller over the vinyl into the surface of the concrete. During this process, the vinyl melts and conforms to the texture of the concrete. The installation takes twice as long but will assure your graphic is installed correctly. This method is for exterior concrete wall wraps only, not for drywall.

Car Wraps in Miami

The popularity of Car Wraps in Miami has pushed us to open our very own Vehicle and Car Wrapping Division. Our Car Wrap Division services all of South Florida. A Vehicle Wraps gives your vehicle a fresh new look in a fraction of the time it takes to paint your vehicle. If you are a business or mobile company, Our Commercial Wraps brands your company vehicle with information that will be advertised 24/7. A vinyl wrap on your work vehicle is compared to having a sales man on the street screaming your companies name everywhere you go. This is why Van Wraps, Truck Wraps, Box Truck Wraps and Trailer Wraps are a Key to any successful business that is trying to grow and brand themselves with their own vehicle.

custom pvc printing near me.jpg
Custom Coroplast Signs near me Printing.jpg
Foam Board Signs

All of our Rigid Signs are Direct UV Printed to the sheet unless requested otherwise.


Foam board, PVC and Coroplast are used for advertising in corporate spaces or outdoor settings. Coroplast Yard Signs are the most common type of rigid signs we produce. Coroplast is weather resistant and great for outdoor usage. Foam Board Prints are better for interior Events or directional signage.

  When it comes to durability, we have a rigid material for all occasions. Coroplast signs are normally used for outdoors promotions such as Real Estate Signs or Election Signs. Coroplast is a Fluted Polymer material which makes it 100% Waterproof.

Foam board signs on the other hand are strictly for indoor events. Foam board or “Gator Board” Signs can be attached to a metal or wooden frame to give you free standing advertisement at an event or party. Custom Printed Foam Board is a cost effective way of branding a hotel or venue that have a lot of restrictions with decor. Foam Board Prints are the best option for interior Events.

For projects requiring sturdier materials, 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 PVC can be used to create displays or structures for parties or events. PVC Signs can be used for Interior Design or basic indoor applications. PVC can be used outdoor however for a shorter period of time. PVC is most popular for building signs such as Business Signs and Construction Signs.

For more personalized items such as Custom Poster Prints or Canvas Wall Decor, Visit My Poster Printing

My Poster Printing is our Retail Shop for wall decor to handle Posters, Canvas and Floating Framed Prints that can be used to decorate your office or home.

Photo Jul 19 6 43 43 PM-min.jpg

Our Event Graphic Service is catered towards Event Companies looking to partner with a Printing and Fabrication company on a per project basis. Event planning starts with an advertising campaign to get people to come to your event. Flyers, Banners, Signs, Promotional items and Custom Event Graphics are available with our event graphics service. 

Printer's Cove Miami has at one time or another produced high quality printing services for prestigious Florida based companies such as The Miami Heat, Florida Marlins, Miami Dolphins, and The Ft. Lauderdale Strikers, Ultra, Life in Color and many other favorable Sports teams and Events. Printer's Cove Miami has also worked with some of Miami's local heavy hitting hip-hop artists such as Poe Boy Record, Strongarm IMG, Rick Ross, Flo-Rida, Trina, Trick Daddy, Billy Blue, Gorilla Zoe, the list goes on and on.

Be it a simple Red Carpet Backdrop, Vinyl Car Wrap, or a sophisticated and complex Building Mural, Printer's Cove Miami has done it all.

Try us out as your next Banner Printing Company in Miami. Printer's Cove Miami guarantees you won't be disappointed!

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