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What is Art Basel Miami 2021 and Why do I care.

Art Basel is an event in Miami for Artists, Collectors and Galleries to interact with one another at a larger scale. The idea originated back in 1970 when 3 Art Enthusiasts decided to put their passion and determination together to form at the largest international art fair in the world. This idea bloomed into what we now refer to as Art Basel. Art Basel 2021 in Miami Beach is one of the driving forces to the Art movement in local communities in South Florida such as Wynwood and the Miami Design District. The initiatives of the Art Basel festival is to push Artists to strive and create Unique Public Art Experiences and strengthen the local art community.

Art Basel Printing

Since Art Basel Miami is a highly anticipated event every year, Artists need a reliable printing company that can handle their projects for Art Basel. With the event growing year after year, it can be difficult to find an Art Basel Printing Company especially if you wait until a the week before Art Basel. Book your spot now to make sure your project is set-in-stone to be printed and installed before the event. We offer a ton of different Art Printing services that will benefit any artist trying to come up with a creative idea to showcase.

Wynwood Printing

Our Wynwood Printing Service is catered towards those individuals in the Art Industry that are looking for a Full Service Printing shop. There aren’t many Printing Companies in Wynwood, although we aren’t either, we are close enough to handle anything you will need! Wynwood is the heart of the Art Community in South Florida. What was once a run down town, has now transformed into a landmark in the Miami area that every tourist wants to visit. Wynwood is also known for being the new night life away from Miami Beach, hipsters and the young crowd fill the streets of Wynwood to enjoy the environment and be surrounded by amazing artwork. Although much of the artwork in Wynwood is hand painted, for pop-up events or weekend exhibitions there is always a need for Branding or Advertising. Our Wynwood Printing Service is catered towards those individuals.

Previous Years of Art Basel Miami 

Miami World Center

Art Basel Miami 2019 Young World Faces in Overtown
Robert Young Signing his Art Basel 2019 Artwork
Art Basel Printing in Miami
Perforated Vinyl for Art Basel Exhibit
Young World Faces for Art Basel Miami
Robert Young Miami Art Basel Exhibit
The Lyric Theater in Overtown for Art Basel Miami 2019
Large Format Graphics for Art Basel Event
Young World Faces Exhibit in Miami for Art Basel 2019
Art Basel Graphics
Art Basel Installers in Miami

Young World Faces at the Overtown Lyric Theater by Robert Young


Perforated One-Way Vision Vinyl

Project Details

A Reproduction of Robert's artwork on a Perforated Vinyl for Art Basel in Miami 2019. Allowing the guests to view the open world from the inside, while still providing a visual experience on the exterior.

Concrete Graphic Art for Art Basel Miami
Art Basel 2018 Custom Printed Graphics for UM
Concrete Art for Art Basel Miami
Miami Art Basel Printing
Printing Column Graphics for Art Basel
Wall Decals for Art Basel Miami
Miami Art Basel Printer
Miami Art Basel Printing Company
Custom Graphics for Art Basel Miami
CLR-PORTRAIT_lr-MG_0634-2_360 copy.jpg

Concrete Column Wraps at UM by Cristina Lei Rodriguez


Rough Textured Vinyl for Concrete Applications

Project Details

Cristina uses her own hand picked Royal Poincianas. With her own creativity she designed this artwork for us to Reproduce and install at a Large Scale at the University of Miami Business School.