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Green Printing

What do we mean by Green Printing?


We haven’t began printing with Green Inks, but we have moved towards a more “Green” process

when it comes to our business. When we hear Green Printing we think of producing high quantity and high quality produces while keeping the environment as our main focus. Many printing companies do not dispose of their wastes correctly and do not take the correct steps to ventilating the ink fumes. These man made products being released into our environment can not only hurt the environment and our natural preserves, but it can also cause harm to our family and loved ones. This is why we at Printer’s Cove take Green Printing to the next level. Mainly by minimizing the waste materials and disposing of them correctly with certified recycling companies. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The most important aspect its that our printing systems and products have been specifically altered to utilize environmentally safe inks and materials. Allowing us to switch to recycled materials and ink not only helps the environment but this also provides jobs for hardworking individuals of the State of Florida and Miami Area. Becoming a Green Printing company has been a bigs step for us and we want to continue putting forth the effort to making our world a cleaner place to live. We only have one environment and if printing companies such as Printer’s Cove Miami can step up to make the Green chance so can many other companies and individuals in society. We have switched over to a line of inks that are for the most part biodegradable and those that are not can be recycled and or rested in most cases. There are some products upon special order that be altered so that you may only have 100% biodegradable material and inks. Marketing may be an important part of business but the environment should be at the top of the list as well. We have multiple printers. two 3-meter XL-15000 Scitex and BigBlue Presses and one 64in Designjey 8000s designed by HP,  We must take steps such as utilizing Eco Solvent inks which reduce destruction to the environment and reduce potential health risks with people due to harsh chemicals.


What do we recycle?


We recycle Lexan Polycarbonate, Coroplast Boards, Coroplast Signs, PVC Boards PVC Signs, Styrene, Acrylic, Light-boxes, Neon Signs, Channel Lettering, Foamboard, Foamboard signs, Vinyl Banner, A Frame Stands, Yard Signs, Banner Stands, Trade Show Signage, Parking Signs, Aluminum Signs, Adjustable Banner Stands,Retractable Banner Stands, Roll Up Banner Stands & Magnets. We try to recycle as much materials as we can so that we minimize our waste. The products we typically use are the Coroplast, PVC and Foamboard boards, since we do a lot of signage these are the main boards that we order. Being that these are made out of plastic they would not be great for the environment at all since plastics are not very biodegradable. This is why we take the initiative to make sure our waste is handled in a professional and green matter!


Why should we Recycle?


Miami Florida is a beautiful place and one of the worlds leading vacation resort spots. We want to keep Florida as beautiful as possible and the only way to do that is to preserve the areas we live in! We do offer biodegradable foamboard materials for signs as well as vinyl banners for almost any occasion as long as it is specially ordered. Our company handles any order no matter the size. Weather it is big or small we are always here to assist you. We offer the best Miami Banner Pricing Service in South Florida., Which specializes in Step and Repeat Banners, Retractable banners and any time of Vinyl Banner or Signage. We also produce signage on Coroplast, PVC and Foamboard as we stated above. We can get 4x8 sheets or 5x10 sheets of Coroplast, PVC and Foamboard so no matter what size job you have, we can take care of it. The Miami area has also allowed us to brand off into the Car Wraps era. This is where we offer all of our Color Change Car Wraps, Chrome Wraps, Exotic Wraps and Luxury Wraps. We have been wrapping cars for customers for over 13 years and we are still in business! We also offer car wraps for commercial uses under our Fleet Wraps Page. This is where you can access our Van Wraps, Truck Wraps, Trailer Wraps and Box Truck Wraps that are offered to our commercial companies at a discounted price. We also have the technology and capability of wrapping boats. Yes! We offer Boat Wraps for all of your nautical needs. Nothing is better than sitting out on the water with a stunning image on the side of your boat that every helicopter and fellow sailor will stare at. Event companies love us to! We offer full event printing services for any event company in south florida. Many Events such as Ultra need huge advertising banners to display their logo. That is where we come in. Our Event Graphics Services supplies Event Signage, Event Banners, Event Stage Graphics and almost anything you can think of to decorate and event. Next would be our Fence Wraps page where we handle all of our client Mesh Fence Banner Needs. Many constructions sites or residential areas put up these boring chain link fences. We offer colored windscreens and fence screens for privacy or cosmetic use as well as printed mesh fence banners to add advertising to your fence. Nothing is better than making your fence look nice while also advertising your business or company on a busy street. We then have our Wall Wraps Category, This is where we print on a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and apply it to a wall inside a club or a mall and wrap the whole wall. This essentially gives you a wall full of advertising and it looks amazing too! Interior wall wraps and wall murals typically last about 3-5 years easily without fading! Our Wall Graphic installers are trained to be able to install these graphics onto your wall giving you a sense of ease. Just sit back and watch the magic. This can also be done on Building ands Windows. Window graphics can be installed on storefronts to make the front of your store pop to customers and attract them in. You can even take it a step further and wrap your whole building. Our Building Wrap Section offer full building murals that can cover your whole building! Yes just pick an image and we can bring it to life on your building! Lastly i must give credit to our Miami Graphic Installation service. Our trained professionals install graphics all throughout the miami area. We are one of the most trustworthy and customer friendly staff that can get the job done. Our job is to make your jaw drop and heart beat. If you visit our Miami Graphic Installation page you can read more about the getting graphics installed in the Miami area.

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