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Art - File Preparation Guide.

Acceptable Graphics Programs

Adobe Creative Cloud:

• Photoshop

• Indesign

• Illustrator

Acceptable File Formats

In Order of Preference:

• High Res PDF

• High Res PSD

• High Res TIFF

• High Res JPG

• High Res EPS


Include fonts or convert fonts to outline.

Include all pictures used.

For specific color matching PMS numbers or a hard color sample must be provided.

Printer's Cove Miami will not be responsible for quality of printing if art sent does not meet the file preparation guidelines! 

Recommended Resolutions!

Billboards and huge building banners that will be viewed for long distances - Full size @50 DPI or 1" = 1' @600 DPI

Large Banners, fences, mesh, and banners that will be viewed at a medium distance - Full size 72-100 DPI or 1" = 1' 900 -1200 DPI

In store POP, wall wraps, and other prints that will be viewed form close range - Full size 100-150 DPI = 1" = 1' 1200 -1800 DPI

Need Help Designing or Layout of Your Art?

Artwork Creation:

Basic Artwork Setup is a flat fee of $50 up to 2 additional changes (Each Additional change is $25)

For your first order this Set-Up Fee will be waived, allowing you to get your first artwork setup with Printer's Cove Miami done FREE!

Design work and harder art layouts are charged as follows. First 3 hrs of design is $100.00 each additional hr is $50.00.

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