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What is a CNC Router and how does it work?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC Machines have made routing materials by hand, a method of the past. The CNC machine operates through a computerized software. This software's programmed for maneuvering the router bit on X, Y and Z axis. CNC's cut accurate dimensions and minimize operator errors.

CNC machines use multiple bits and blades for cutting different materials. The machine also has a bit for engraving and mil working.

Our most cut materials are Hardwood, PVC, Aluminum, Softwood and Acrylic. 
With these materials, we can fabricate custom 3d signage or machine parts.

CNC Routers evolved the way that industries fabricate and custom create products.
We recommend our CNC cutting service for materials thicker than 3/8". Refer to our Laser Cutting Service for materials thinner than 3/8". 

Our CNC's cuts sheets up to 60"x120" and up to 1.5” tall. Create precise and elegant 3D designs within this 5ft by 10ft workspace.

Materials for cutting on CNC Router Service

CNC Cutting for Sign Making in Miami

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CNC Router Service for PVC Letters. Produce 3-D Letters that are cut out of a PVC Sheet Ne

Routed PVC is one of the most common router service we provide in Miami. 3D Letters or Contour Cut PVC Signs with Printed Graphics are a perfect solution for many signage and graphic applications

Custom Routed Acrylic Letters for Retail Storefront in Miami Florida. Custom Shapes and Le

Clear or Milky White Acrylic are great for Retail Storefronts looking for a High-End permanent solution for 3D Lettering

Routed Wood and Millwork near me in Miami Florida. CNC Routing Service Company.jpg

Routed Wood and


Wood Materials like MDF and MDO can be routed into Cabinets, Moldings, Trims and virtually any shape or design


Routed Metal and Metal Engraving

Custom Metal Prints are durable and made to last. Full Color or Spot Printing gives you the freedom to truly customize your Aluminum Prints to your needs. Brushed Aluminum or Solid White Finish/

Custom made Boxes and Packaging for Retail and Products.jpg

Custom Boxes and Packaging

Product Packaging is one of the most important parts to creating an all around great product. Fully customize the package your product is delivered in with our Custom printed packaging boxes.

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 Routed Metal and Metal Engraving | Custom Boxes and Packaging