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CNC Router Cutting service for Miami, West Palm Beach and Broward.

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What is a CNC Router and how does it work?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC Machines have made routing materials by hand, a method of the past. The CNC machine operates through a computerized software. This software's programmed for maneuvering the router bit on X, Y and Z axis. CNC's cut accurate dimensions and minimize operator errors.

CNC machines use multiple bits and blades for cutting different materials. The machine also has a bit for engraving and mil working.

Our most cut materials are Hardwood, PVC, Aluminum, Softwood and Acrylic. 
With these materials, we can fabricate custom 3d signage or machine parts.

CNC Routers evolved the way that industries fabricate and custom create products.
We recommend our CNC cutting service for materials thicker than 3/8". Refer to our Laser Cutting Service for materials thinner than 3/8". 

Our CNC's cuts sheets up to 60"x120" and up to 1.5” tall. Create precise and elegant 3D designs within this 5ft by 10ft workspace.

Materials for cutting on CNC Router Service

Custom 3D PVC Signs and Letters

PVC Router Service is the process of cutting the PVC into specific letters, shapes and designs with precision accuracy. Without a router, Letters would need to be hand cut which takes much longer and leaves room for operator error. Our PVC Router Service is designed to produce Indoor or Outdoor PVC Signage with pin point accuracy. One of the most common products we produce with the router are Cut Out PVC Letters. These letters can be attached to custom displays, interior walls or exterior concrete surfaces. Many businesses will use PVC Letters for branding or directing customers in a certain direction.


Cut Out PVC Letters 3D .heic

Cut Out PVC Letters 

PVC can be used to create 3-Dimensional Letters or Cut-out PVC Letters for many different applications. From Interior Design to Commercial Signs, Routed PVC Letters is another signage alternative.

Outdoor PVC Sign for Business Overhead.jpg

PVC Sign making

PVC Signs are contour cut out of a 4ft by 8ft sheet and then wrapped with Vinyl to create a custom sign for your business. Indoor or Outdoor options available.


PVC Sheet Routering

PVC Sheets can be routed into almost any shape or design. Create your own CAD Drawings and submit them to be cut out of PVC. Thickness ptions of 1/4" or 1/2" PVC, 

Cut Out PVC Letters

Our Cut Out PVC signs are typically purchased for offices, warehouses and Retail store POP Signage. PVC can be purchased in different colors and thicknesses, which makes PVC signs highly customizable. PVC is the perfect option for custom cut signage because they can be used for Indoor or Outdoor Signage options. 

PVC Sign making

PVC Sign making is the process of creating a Multi-Layer sign with routed PVC pieces. Our UV Printers give us the option of Printing the PVC before routing it on the CNC router. Click here if you are simply looking for a Flat PVC Printed Sign. However, if you are looking for 3 Dimensional PVC signs you are in the right spot! Email us the plans for your PVC sign for a quote or reach out to get help with designing your Custom PVC Sign.

PVC Sheet Routering

A Full 4ft x 8ft PVC Sheet can be used to make furniture, framing, cabinets and tons of other items. Our CNC router can engrave or router out your custom designs to your exact specifications. PVC Sheet Routing unlocks the ability to get really creative with your designing skills. Fabricate custom PVC pieces with any CAD drawings.  

Custom Acrylic Signs and Letters

Cut Out Acrylic Letters 3D.HEIC

For certain installations that are looking for that X Factor, Acrylic is a high-end alternative to creating signage that you would normally use PVC or Wood. Acrylic sheets are most commonly available in 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" thickness and can be routed or laser cut to any shape.

Types of Acrylic Signs

Some of the most common uses for Cut Our Acrylic Letters are Directional Signage, Displays and Retail Store Logos. Acrylic can be used Indoor or Outdoor and comes in many different colors. Clear is the most commonly used type of acrylic, however colors range from yellows, blues, reds and the rest of the rainbow!

What are Cut Out Acrylic letters used for?

Interior Store Signage with Acrylic 3D Letters.HEIC

Some of the most common uses for Cut Out Acrylic Letters are Directional Signage, Displays and Retail Store Logos. Acrylic can be used Indoor or Outdoor and comes in many different colors. Clear is the most commonly used type of 3D Acrylic Letters, however colors range from yellows, blues, reds and the rest of the rainbow!

Are Acrylic Letters Easy to Install?

When you receive your Custom Acrylic Letter order, a paper template will be included in your shipment. The paper template will have a cutout out of your exact design to assure each piece is installed correctly.


Once the template is fixated to the wall, simply peel the double sided tape off of the back of your letters. Then you will place them through the template onto the wall.

cut out acrylic letter paper template for installaion.jpg
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