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8x10 Step & Repeat Fabric Banner with Stand

step and repeat miami
step and repeat banner

8x10 Step & Repeat Fabric Banner with Hardware

Step and Repeat Banners can be produced in two separate way either on 13oz Vinyl Banner or 5.7oz Fabric Banner. The 13oz Banner Step and Repeat Banner is the most economical way to make a step and repeat banner, but the 5.7 oz fabric Step and Repeat Banner is the most exquisite material for your special step and repeats in Miami


  • Sturdy, portable and effective. Holds your Step and Repeat or Backdrop Tight and Smooth!

  • Heavy-duty Telescope Adjustable Banner Stand.

  • Holds banners up to 8'x10'.

  • Single or double-sided graphics are secured to holder with Pole Pockets.

  • Designed for promotions, conferences and retail.

Order Now at $599.99 




Video Link

Setup Instructions

Graphic Template

Try our Wrinkle Free Fabric Displays!

Easy to Ship and Store

Wrinkle Free Fabric

Quick Set-Up (30min)

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Starting at $799.99

Price includes Fabric Print and All Hardware needed to assemble display.

Step and Repeat Hardware

  • Our Step and Repeat Banner Hardware consists of 2 Horizontal Poles, 2 Vertical Poles and 2 Feet. In some cases, the horizontal poles are split into 2 to reinforce the center of the display. The kit also comes with 2 screws for the feet and a driver to insert them. No other tools are needed to assemble the display. All of our Standard Step and Repeat Displays comes with an 8x10 or 96"x120" banner stand. For Larger Step and Repeat Banners, Please contact us for a custom quote.

  • Our Standard Banner Stand is Ideal for local short term events.  The display takes about 30 minutes to setup and is light enough for anyone to handle. We recommend using this display indoors however the Vinyl option allows you to use this display in an outdoor setting. Sandbags can be used in some cases to help weigh down the display.

Step and Repeat Directory

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