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Mesh Fence Banner Printing

Custom Mesh Banners allow you to brand a large space for temporary or permanent use. Fence Graphics are great for branding construction sites, schools or just to keep an event private. Miami is one of the biggest advertising capitals of the world. With such a large population of business owners and entrepreneurs, our printed mesh screens are an amazing opportunity to reach out to many different audiences. Not only do the Mesh Fence Graphics brand your fence line, but it allows for open minded ideas and creativity. Turn your simple and plain fence into an Advertising Statement with our Printed Fence Mesh.

Mesh Banner Quality and Specifications

  • Vinyl Mesh Printed Fence Screen

  • Availble Colors - Any Color or Design

  • Availble Heights - 1' through 10' (1'-10')

  • Privacy / Airflow - Minimal Visibillity / Wind Blockage

  • Standard Finishing - Reinforced Binding & Solid Brass Grommets every 24"

  • Finishing Options - Custom Sizing, Half Moon Vents, Wind Windows, Reinforced Center Binding

  • Average Life - 2 Years

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What are Mesh Fence Banners used for?

Our 3 Simple Options help you decide what type of Fence Banner is right for your business. Our 70% Privacy Screen offers The Most Economical way to add privacy to your Fence. This is typically for commercial or construction use as the material only offers 70% visibility blockage. Our next line of Fence Screens is our 100% Privacy Screen, this option gives the BEST combination of Privacy and Appearance for any school or business. We recommend the 100% Blockage for private properties or areas that require a more professional and finished look. Lastly, Our Printed Series consists of our Printed Mesh Banners that allow you to BRAND your Fence line from start to finish. Our Mesh Fence Banners are 100% Customizable to your brand design and needs. Mesh banners are lightweight and great for chain link fences. Reach out for all your Fence Graphics needs such as branding your fencing, adding privacy to your business or keeping your construction site up to city code.

Fence Banner Finishing

All Fence Banners come with a Heat Welded Edge for DOUBLE the durability. Brass Grommets (Eyelets) placed around the perimeter of the Banner come spaced 2 feet apart unless requested otherwise. When hanging the Custom Printed Fence Screen, the Brass Grommets are perfect for using Zip Ties. Our Printed Fence Mesh is perfect for construction companies or even residential areas. Printers Cove is the place to go to add that  "Miami Flare" to your Mesh Banners. 

Fence Banner Installations in Miami, South Florida

Our Certified Fence Banner Installation Team can tackle any Fence Wrap Installation. Our Installation team has been trained to stretch Fence Banners in a way that minimizes wrinkles and maximizes wind resistance. Some inexperienced companies use incorrect techniques when applying Mesh Banners to a Fence. Leaving the Fence Banners looking wrinkled and poorly installed. When ordering a Custom Printed Fence Screen your expectations are high. Here at Printer’s Cove we take you above and beyond. Don’t settle for the average Mesh Banner Printing company that just wants to get the job over with. We care for our customers, therefore we offer a Free Site Survey if you decide to fulfill your order! This makes Mesh Banner a breeze to install to your Fence. However, to assure you that you won’t get stuck with the Average Joe. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get your Mesh Fence Banner quote!

Types of Mesh Fence Banner Material

The #1 Material used for Fence Wraps is Mesh. Mesh Banner Material is a Vinyl with tiny holes throughout the material to allow wind to pass through. These small holes maximize wind resistance while keeping the Custom Printed Fence Screens as visible as possible. Although Regular 13oz Vinyl Banner would work for a Fence Banner, over time the wind rips the banners apart. This is why our Mesh Banners are the Most Sold on the Market.​


There is a large number of printing businesses in Miami. Therefore there are companies that like to use cheap imported materials. The problem with these materials is that they look great for 6-7 months and then they begin to fade or fall apart. This also goes hand in hand with the brand of ink the printing company uses as well. Some cheap inks will fade after several months while the top quality brand inks can last nearly 3-5 years easily without fading. We assure our customers that we only use the best quality materials so that they are truly getting the Mesh Fence Banners they paid for. Any custom image can be printed onto the Mesh fence banners, we offer a full color service allowing you to get crazy with your graphic designs! Turn your simple fence into an Active Billboard all with the help of our Mesh Banner Printing.

Average Fence Banner Sizes

Any Size banner can be constructed with seams. However, We are one of the only printing companies in Miami that can print 10’ wide seamlessly. Our Mesh comes in 10.5’x150’ which allows us to print 150’ SEAMLESSLY. Typically, We print Mesh Banners on 64" material which is great for any fence under 5'. However, Our 10 Feet Wide Machines allow us to print almost any size Banner in 1 piece! For more information on the average sizing for Fence Wraps, please scroll up to the Size Chart above.

Premium Material

We offer high quality products at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Fast Shipping

We offer 3-day shipping on our in-stock, standard-sized orders.

Custom Sizes

Customizing your screen to an exact fit is never a problem.

Printer's Cove Miami FenceScreens are one of the biggest Miami Banner Printing services!

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