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Measure Twice, Print Once: The importance of accurate site surveys.

Almost, About, Around, and More or Less?

Today we explore the new found epidemic of guesswork and why measuring your project effectively can make or break it.

Those who have worked in the building or carpentry trade know the importance of the phrase measure twice, cut once. It means you should always double-check your measurements for absolute accuracy before cutting a piece of material; otherwise it may be necessary to cut again, wasting time and resources.

For some odd reason this phrase does not seam to apply to the printing industry. In fact some even believe that the almighty "BLEED" will buffer any discrepancies. Although the glorious "BLEED" has saved many a project by the skin of it's teeth, it's not always effective. Just like the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Boogy Man they are only real to the imagination.

Many printing companies do not heed this message enough and do not understand the benefits of adhering to this phrase are huge. If a project is not measured correctly at the beginning then every step following has a higher risk of failure.

Accuracy is key!

Measuring More Than Just The Size of a Job.

The process of deciding what to measure other than the obvious is important to the inception to any project.. One way to determine what need to be measured is with a check list: (Example Below)

  • Measure wall that mural goes on.

  • Test surface area for adhesion on same material intended for use.

  • Measure distances between any doors, windows, switches, etc...

  • Account for ceiling hight, staircases, or any other obstacles.

  • Measure door openings, elevators, staircases, etc...

  • Account for temp. and humidity.

  • Make sure you have a safe load/unload area.

Data Collection is Important.

Data is powerful, the more you collect the better you can tackle any project. This is the time to walk around your future job site and really look! Try to forsee any obstacles or complication you or your team might run into. Check entrances, exits, doorways, elevators, staircases, and other openings to ensure you can navigate with both your materials and tools. Plan out your safe loading / unloading area for you and your team.

A good site survey can be the single factor that sets you apart from the competition. The client does not see the hard work in the production facility, but they observe the whole install and removal process. A smooth transition from unloading, install, removal, then loading can be an impressive thing to see. The simple site survey that is usually overlooked now becomes the symphony your team moves to.

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