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Purpose Driven Drives Profits. The End!

Self engaged employees are happy and productive employees. 

Think about the last time someone stood over your back just to make sure your work was good enough. Sure you do the job right because the boss is watching. Explain what happens when he's not watching? Do you feel the same way about the boss or the job? Before you answer that question I would like to quote some one I admire.

The truth is that self engaged employees are happy and productive employees.

Help them see they are part of a team.

Job positions have a description that fits the general need that has to be filled.

It is easy for an employer to get accustomed to this and create a tunnel vision scenario for the employee. By allowing the "team member" to become part of the process instead of filling a position you can create a sense of purpose and belonging. 

Now a "team member" is more likely to work at a much lower stress level. This allows more problem solving and automation ideas to flow. Have small meetings at the focal points in a large projects, compliment good work throughout the project to keep moral elevated. Show them that they will grow with the company and give them part of responsibility. 

Encourage them to help and share tasks with each other.

It is far more rewarding to share milestones both accolades and fails than to go at them alone.

A helping hand can be the turning point at a failed attempt to do something. A "team member" has a better chance of coming out of a slum with compassionate peers that can lend a hand. Thus developing  production and problem solving skills across the entire team.  

Acknowledgement of great progress is just as important if not more. It's motivating to be recognized by peers for meeting deadlines, finishing under budget, or simply having no errors during the project. This will in turn provide the fuel for the entire team to be on their toes with each other but for recognition. 

 So, whether it's a monthly team building day, new product updates, or cross-team training, provide opportunities for employees to talk about what they do.

Enforce the rules.

Free thinking and a relaxed environment sometimes brews a little bit of chaos. But each person has to be held accountable.

Remind them that everyone works for the logo. It is in every persons best interest that the company does well. Reward when they deserve and reprimand when they deserve. Give the opportunity to flourish or to hang, let them determine what kind of "team member" they want to be. Remember each person has to be held accountable for his or her actions. 

The enforcement of rules and boundaries make the rewards and accolades stand out that much more. In the long run "team members" will form a family like bond. Accountability is a powerful tool.

Listen or hire someone to listen.

This is a hard one for many! LISTEN!

Listen to suggestions, complaints and questions. Just listen! Let them speak, give ideas and help with the flow of everything. You will find that by listening you will be able to address need and problems more efficiently.


Share the wealth.

Purpose Driven Drives Profits. The End! 

Remember to spread the wealth, as the company grows and progresses make sure benefits and salaries do as well. Give bonuses, gifts, and company lunches. Show them that the end goal is the same for everyone. Let them invest themselves into the process and flourish with the company.

It is difficult  to be a micromanaging boss, but even more so to be a "Team Leader".

And your team is only as good as it's leader.

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