Metallic 3M Commercial Van Wrap

Printer's Cove Miami collaborated with Bowtie Connections to create this Metallic Masterpiece!

Now this may seem like a regular Gray Van Wrap, but this beauty has a few tricks up its sleeve!

This Custom Wrap brings out the big guns. With a metallic flake in the vinyl, 3M has provided us with yet another amazing material that mimics the look of some of the Best Paint jobs for a fraction of the price.

An amazing design created by none other than Damaso, the President of Printer's Cove. Damaso and the rest of the team Prepped and Executed this wrap with High Percision to ensure every piece of the artwork lined up!

Printer's Cove Miami offers a Commercial Wrap service that starts as basic as Solid Colors and Company logos, but as advanced as fully designed vans and High Gloss or Metallic finishes.

Starting at just $1,800 - Printers Cove is the place to go if you need a commercial wrap for any Van,Truck or Trailer in your Fleet!

Check out our Fleet Wraps page where you can get starte with your very own Custom Mobile Advertising Wrap!

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