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Wall Murals and Wraps

Wall Murals turn your blank walls into decorative money making advertising spaces! 

Vinyl Wall Murals are a great way to brand a space and spread a message.

Printer's Cove Miami has developed methods to wrap any wall.

Let Printer's Cove take care of your Wall Mural project from the start. With 20 years of experience, we select the correct vinyl and lamination for every project based on the specifications of the wall. For most project, a site survey is needed to survey the wall and take accurate measurements. During the site survey, we conduct a wall pull test which essentially shows us which wall mural vinyl will adhere best to the surface of the wall. But wait the best news is still to come! If Printer's Cove ends up producing your wall wrap the site survey is FREE! Yes! You read Correctly! FREE site survey with a signed quote and deposit for the wall graphic projects.

Don't fall into the "Hype" of the imitators wrap it with the innovators!

Yes! You read correctly!

FREE Site survey with a signed quote and deposit for the wall wrap or wall mural project!

*site survey is free in Dade and Broward County

Custom Wall Mural Printing Company

Wall Murals offer a budget-friendly solution for promoting your business’s message. Whether it's branding your space with eye-catching graphics, showcasing stunning images, or boosting employee morale with inspiring quotes, a custom wall mural is a great way to fill any space. At Printer's Cove, we're your one-stop shop for design, printing, and installation services. With over 20 years of experience, we're licensed and insured to handle wall mural projects of any size in the Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach areas.

Traditionally, wall graphics started as hand-painted murals or glued-on wallpaper graphics, which were rare and costly. Today, we use a printable vinyl material with adhesive backing for an easier ands cleaner application making wall graphics more accessible for branding efforts. Vinyl Wall Graphics are revolutionizing the way businesses can brand themselves to the public eye.

Types of Wall Mural Installations we offer

Wall Murals in Miami-min.jpg

Vinyl Wall Wraps

Canvas Wall Mural Graphic Installs.JPG

Canvas Wall Wraps

We produce our Vinyl Wall Murals with a 54in wide Vinyl material that has an adhesive backing already applied to it. For Large Format Walls, we split the graphic into panels with an overlap between each panels. These overlaps are minimal but necessary for lining up the artwork correctly. An example of the finished wall mural is above. This image showcases a wall mural graphic that was split into several panels and installed to make up 1 large piece.


There are 2 types of Wall Murals we produce. Gloss/Matte Vinyl or a Textured Canvas, It’s up to you to choose the finish of the material for your Wall Mural installation.

We print with CMYK printers and offer Full Color printing on all of our murals. There is no extra cost for printing full color or one color. We can also laminate with a Gloss or Matte film to protect your mural and make it easier to clean without damaging the print. The lamination protects against UV Rays and light scuffs. Vinyl Wall Wraps are one of the most basic forms of Wall Graphic Installations. It's an easy way to begin branding your business in a BIG way.

Our Canvas Wall Wraps have innovated the way we wrap walls for our customers. Similar to the Vinyl, the canvas has the same adhesive backer. However, the face of the material has a canvas texture. This canvas-like texture adds another dimension to your wall murals image. The textured film gives off the impression that the wall was hand painted on a real piece of canvas offering an elevated finish when compared to standard vinyl murals.


For the customer looking to create Art rather than Advertising. Our canvas wall graphics are a great way to reproduce your artwork. Clients that choose our Canvas Wall Murals are looking for unique ways to decorate walls. These customers include Art Galleries, Libraries, Boutiques and Museums.

Can Vinyl Graphics be used on Any Wall?

Vinyl Wall Wraps can be installed to both indoor and outdoor walls.

Each type of wall surfaces take its own type of adhesive. Drywall, Concrete, Stucco and Plaster all need a different type of adhesive. Unsure about the type of wall you have? A Wall Vinyl Pull Test is conducted to select the correct vinyl needed.

To see an example of the vinyl pull test in action, click here.

With our 20 years of experience, we've selected pre-designated materials for

Drywall with a High Gloss paint or Concrete surfaces. 

For Concrete wraps, we use Cast Vinyl designed to conform to textured surfaces. Projects that require stretching and conforming must use a cast vinyl. For building wraps, we need the cast vinyl to conform to the texture of the wall. Which means, you cannot use Calendared vinyl as it won’t conform or stretch. 

Once we print your concrete vinyl graphics, we get to the fun part. Installation. First, the installer positions the panels and squeegees them down. Keep in mind, this cast vinyl has a super aggressive adhesive backer. The aggressive adhesive creates a strong adhesion between the wall and vinyl. This adhesive helps conform the material to the roughest concrete textures. 

To continue, we heat the vinyl up to about 900-1100 degrees. Then, a foam roller is used to roll the vinyl into the concrete's texture. Melting the vinyl and rolling it into the wall. 

The Heat-n-Roll vinyl installation method is a must for building wrap projects. 

In conclusion, concrete vinyl graphics installation will take two times as long as a dry wall installation. An interior dry wall wrap installation doesn't require heating or rolling.

Go to our Building Wraps Page for more information on Concrete Wall Wraps.

How long will the Wall Graphic last? Do you offer
protective lamination?

Longevity will depend on several factors. Start by asking your self 2 questions,

  • Is the graphic Indoor or Outdoor?

  • What direction is your graphic facing? ( Outdoor Projects )


For indoor wall graphics, the vinyl will last 4-5 years depending on the surface. In some cases, our wall murals have lasted 7-10 years when laminated. This is because there is no Sun or rain that will affect the wall graphics. 

On the other hand, For outdoor wall graphics it depends on weather conditions. Sun, Water and Dirt exposure play a role in the wall murals longevity. In most cases, an Outdoor Wall Mural will last about 3-5 years. An outdoor graphic facing East, will begin fading in about 2-3 years. To get the most out of your concrete wall mural, choose a wall that faces North. To extend the life of your wall wrap, upgrade to a better UV Lamination.

After we print your outdoor vinyl graphics, we apply a protective layer of lamination. The lamination protects against UV rays and scratches. Similar to vinyl, lamination has different longevity tiers. For example, Depending on the project, we'd choose a 2-3 or 4-5 year lamination. Each project requires a specific Vinyl and Lamination. For example, Concrete Graphics must conform to the texture of a surface. We would use a Cast Vinyl with Cast lamination for this type of project. On the other hand, we print interior wall graphics on Calendared vinyl.


Although, the life expectancy is 3-5 years as well because it's indoor. Interior wall wraps need lamination for other reasons. For example, to protect the graphics from cleaning products and fingerprints. Rather than UV Rays, Dirt and Rain. 

For Cast or Calendared lamination, we have several options. Gloss, Matte or Luster lamination. Be sure to use lamination to protect your wall graphics.

In some cases, We print Wall Vinyl Graphics with UV ink and no lamination. Without lamination, the UV Ink will last about 6 months to 1 year outdoor. A cost-effective approach for temporary advertising in Miami. Especially for events that will only last a few days.

How do I order my Vinyl Wall Graphics?

To begin ordering your vinyl wall graphics, we will need to know some basic information such as,

  • Size of the Wall (Height and Width)

  • Type of Wall (Drywall, Concrete, Wood)

  • Deadline

  • Type of Lamination (Gloss, Matte or Luster)


If you have basic project information, please fill out our Order Form below or
E-mail - to get a quote for your wall decals.

If you don't have details for your Wall Mural project, reach out to us. We'll schedule your site survey for the next available day. Our certified graphic installers will then head to the job site for measurements. During the site survey, we will gather the required details to produce your job. From there, we'll send over a quote for printing and installing the project. 

The next step is approving the artwork for production.

Email your artwork to to be setup for production.

We'll identify any issues with the artwork. If we find any issues with the artwork, will notify you before printing.

Before releasing a project to production, we must have artwork approval. You'll receive a visual proof that will require an approval. Once approved, your artwork is sent to the print production floor.


If you need Artwork Specifications for your wall mural artwork, Click Here. 

How easy is it to install a Wall Mural or Wall Vinyl?

Vinyl Wall Graphics can be tricky to install depending on the size. Installation is easier for small decals like Phatheads or cut out graphics. Our customers should have no problem installing these prints on their own. For these decals, we use a thicker vinyl with a low tack adhesive. That way our clients can position and install graphics as a beginner. 

For larger wall mural graphics like an 8×20 Wall Mural in Miami Beach. Our professional graphic installation team will handle installation. We produce these wall murals in large panels with high tack adhesive. Our graphic installers must install these large wall graphics. Handling a graphic at this size becomes difficult if you aren't trained. 

In conclusion, you can install smaller wall vinyl decals on your own. For a Large Format Wall Mural installed at your store or mall. Please be sure to reach out to our graphic installation team for assistance. We got you covered from Start to Finish!

Vinyl Wall Graphics

Canvas Wall Murals, 
A new way to add Artwork to your wall!

A Wall Wrap is more than a just a way to advertise. Showcase artwork with Canvas Wall Wraps that add another dimension to any room. These graphics are a great way of adding stunning artwork to a room. Perfect for renovating a hotel or decorating a new store. 

Custom canvas wall graphics are textured to resemble a painted art canvas. When printed on our UV Machines, the material finish is Glossy. When printed on our solvent machines, the material finish is Matte. Install a Canvas Mural in art galleries shooting for that next level look. We produce and install our wall murals throughout all of South Florida. Based in the Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties.

Canvas Wall Mural Graphics.JPG
Canvas Wall mural Wrap in Miami-min.jpg

Our Spectacular Wall Mural Work! 

Wall Murals in Miami.jpg
Vinyl Wall Graphics
Miami Wall Graphics.JPG
Miami Wall Wraps.JPG
Brickell Wall Wraps.JPG
Miami Wall Murals.jpg

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