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Miami Coroplast Printing and Signs!


Coroplast Sign Printing

Coroplast Signs (corrugated plastic signs) can be used in many ways some common examples are yard signs, politician signs, highway signs, for special offers, lawn signs & more.

Coroplast is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It is more durable than corrugated fiberboard and not as heavy as extruded plastic sheet. It's waterproof and also stain-resistant.


Coroplast signs can be created in many ways we can print directly on the coroplast, we can print onto a vinyl adhesive sticker (the vinyl can also be laminated prior for increeased longevity) and place the printed vinyl onto the coroplast via a process referred to as mounting, the third common way corplast signs can be created is with cutout vinyl decal shapes numbers and or symbols.


Corrugated Plastic comes in many different color options. For example there is Yellow Coroplast, White Coroplast, Red Coroplast. Blue Coroplast, Orange Coroplast, and More.

We also offer Double Sided Printing at an additonal cost. Please Call for Pricing

Stock Colors

White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green and  Gray.

Non-Standard Colors

Brown, Ivory, Orange, Red, Navy and Silver

Custom Colors



Coroplast is available in 2 different thicknesses (4mm) 4mil & (10mm) 10mil

Corrugated Plastic material is available in sheet sizes up to 4ft x 8ft with the corrugated grooves or flutes running either vertical or horizontal for staking purposes.

Coroplast with Vinyl Decals or Lettering

It is very common for someone to ask for vinyl lettering or decals to be cut/plotted out and applied directly onto the Coroplast. Depending on how simple the artwork is this can save money, I would not recommend this type of application for complex artwork requirements. Vinyl is long lasting and has a unique look to it that some people prefer. There is no printing done with this method. Here at Miami Signs & Printing we have many Vinyl Plotters or Vinyl Cutters and can cut out any vinyl as wide as 64 inches. Coroplast can be used for both Indoor or Outdoor Use. Coroplastcan also be single or double sided.

Sizes up to 8' x 4' for single prints.

Coroplast with Full color Prints

This is the most common Coroplast Application we offer. When we print the Coroplast we are not limited to colors and the art can be as complex as you want. This is also a common way to go for short run quantities. The way this is accomplished is by printing the graphics on our wide-format presses onto White or Clear Calendar Vinyl Sometimes Referred to as Pressure Sensitive Vinyl or calendared vinyl (Basically a Big Sticker) and sticking it onto the Coroplast By Hand or with a process called mounting it. This is also outdoor / indoor rated and lasts about 3-5 years depending on conditions. These prints can also be Cold Laminated for additional cost to add extra life and preserve the prints.

2 types of Coroplast Stakes




Flat bed Printed Coroplast

Here at miami signs & Printing we can print directly on the coroplast avoiding and mounting or other print process making it chaeper to produce we can print a full sheet of coroplast (8ft x 4ft) if needed. Our flatbed printers are UV printers meaning the ink is cured instantly and is stronger against scratching and fading.

Screen Printed Coroplast

Do you need a large number of coroplast signs created? Then screen printing your Coroplast signs may be the way to go and the most cost effective too. Screen printing Coroplast is Common and very few Print Shops in Miami Can do it. in order for Screen Printing to be done we will need to first create a screen for each color on the sign this is called the setup and carries a setup charge per color. But after we get past that the screen printing gets cheaper the larger the quantity.

This is both outdoor / indoor rated.

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