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Coroplast Sign printing in miami

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Coroplast Sign Printing

"Discover the Versatility of Coroplast Signs (Corrugated Plastic Signs)"

Unlock the myriad applications of Coroplast signs, also known as corrugated plastic signs, to elevate your message. From yard signs and politician placards to highway markers and special offer displays, Coroplast signage serves a multitude of purposes with ease.

Why Choose Coroplast?

Coroplast stands as the optimal choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. Its robustness surpasses that of traditional corrugated fiberboard while maintaining a lightweight profile akin to extruded plastic sheeting. Notably, Coroplast boasts waterproof properties and resistance to staining, ensuring longevity and durability in any environment.

Diverse Creation Methods

Crafting Coroplast signs offers flexibility through various creation methods. Opt for direct printing onto the Coroplast surface for a seamless finish. Alternatively, enhance longevity by printing onto vinyl adhesive stickers, which can be further fortified with lamination. Utilize the mounting process to affix the printed vinyl onto Coroplast for a polished look. Additionally, explore the option of crafting Coroplast signs with precision-cut vinyl decal shapes, numbers, or symbols for added customization.

Enhance Visibility with Double-Sided Printing

Maximize your signage's impact with our double-sided printing option, available for an additional fee. Contact us today for personalized pricing tailored to your needs.

Coroplast is available in 2 different thicknesses (4mm) approx 1/4" & (10mm) approx 1/2"

Corrugated Plastic material is available in sheet sizes up to 4ft x 8ft with the corrugated grooves or flutes running either vertical or horizontal for staking purposes.

Experience the versatility of Coroplast signage combined with vinyl decals or lettering, a popular choice among clients seeking customizable solutions. This method involves cutting or plotting vinyl directly onto Coroplast, offering potential cost savings, especially for simpler designs. However, for intricate artwork, alternative methods may be more suitable. Vinyl boasts longevity and a unique aesthetic appeal, making it a preferred option for many. At Miami Signs & Printing, our extensive range of Vinyl Plotters and Vinyl Cutters ensures precise cutting of vinyl up to 64 inches wide. Coroplast, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, can be customized to be single or double-sided, catering to diverse signage needs.​

Sizes up to 8' x 4' for single prints.

Coroplast Signage Enhanced with Vinyl Decals or Lettering

Unlock the full potential of Coroplast signage with our comprehensive full-color printing services, the most popular application we offer. With limitless color options and the ability to accommodate complex artwork, our full-color printing on Coroplast caters to your unique branding needs. Ideal for short-run quantities, this method involves printing graphics on our state-of-the-art wide-format presses onto White or Clear Calendar Vinyl, also known as Pressure Sensitive Vinyl or calendared vinyl. These prints are then meticulously applied to Coroplast either by hand or through a precise mounting process. Our prints are outdoor and indoor rated, boasting a lifespan of approximately 3-5 years depending on environmental conditions. For added longevity and preservation, consider opting for Cold Lamination at an additional cost. Experience unparalleled quality and durability with our full-color printing on Coroplast today.

Elevate Your Brand with Full-Color Printing on Coroplast

2 types of Coroplast Stakes




Flatbed Printed Coroplast for Cost-Effective Solutions

We also offer direct printing on Coroplast, eliminating the need for additional mounting or print processes, resulting in cost-effective solutions. Our cutting-edge flatbed printers can accommodate full sheets of Coroplast, measuring up to 8ft x 4ft, providing versatility for various projects. Utilizing UV printing technology, our printers instantly cure the ink, ensuring superior durability against scratching and fading. Trust Printers Cove for high-quality, long-lasting Coroplast prints tailored to your needs.

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