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For over 15 Years, Printers Cove Miami has provided Banner Printing services to companies and businesses throughout the Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale Area. We are a Banner Printing Company in Miami that specializes in Large Format Printing, Large Banners and Custom Decals. Our outdoor Vinyl Banner delivers a High Quality and Durable finish that satisfies all of our customers.

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Through the Menu Bar at the top of the page, You can search through all of our Printing Services. We specialize in printing Mesh Fence Banners mostly for Schools and Construction Companies. These Mesh Banners are also known as Privacy Fence Screens which can be Printed with a Logo or Solid Color.


The popularity of Car Wraps in Miami has pushed us to open our very own Vehicle and Car Wrapping Branch. The Cove Auto Boutique is our Car Wrap Division in Miami that services all of South Florida. Car Wraps and Commercial Wraps can give your vehicle a fresh new look in a fraction of the time it takes to paint your vehicle. Our Commercial Wraps however allow you to brand your company 24/7. Imagine having a sales man that is always on the street always screaming your companies name. This is why Van Wraps, Truck Wraps, Box Truck Wraps and Trailer Wraps are a Key to any successful business that is trying to grow and brand themselves. We also print on materials such as Foam board, PVC and Coroplast. Some of our more known products range from Coroplast Yard Signs to Foam Board Prints for Events and even Contour-Cut or Die-cut PVC Signs. When it comes to durability, we have a rigid material for all occasions. Coroplast signs are normally used for outdoors promotions. Coroplast is a Fluted Polymer material which makes is 100% Waterproof and great for Realtor Signs or Election Signs. Foam board signs on the other hand are strictly for indoor events. Foam board or “Ultra Board” Signs can be attached to a metal frame to give you free standing advertisement at an event or in your office. PVC Signs can be used for Interior Design or basic indoor applications. PVC can be used outdoor however for a shorter period of time. PVC is most popular for building signs such as ADA or Way findining signs. These signs are most commonly used by construction companies.

We also offer our services to Event Companies. Every event every created starts with an advertising campaign to get people to come to your event. Flyers, Banners, Stage Banners, Promotional items and even barricade covers are available to you with our event graphics service. Our Event printing is top of the line and makes sure your advertising is complete! For offices we also offer Wall Murals and Floor Graphics. When starting out in a new business you are going to have to find a place to call your own. With our amazing Wall Murals we make it easy to decorate your office and wow your customers. Our Wall Wraps are 100% Customizable and are long lasting. Be sure to paint your Walls with a Low VOC paint prior to Installation. This assures that the vinyl will stick and adhere to the wall without failure! Some companies fail to notify their customers of this issue and that is why Printers Cove is the place to go for any Wall Mural. We even handle the Store Front. Let your customers know you are open for business with a customized store front. Printed Graphics get applied to the glass windows or walls outside of your business to help advertise and give your business and professional look that will drive customers to you. In 2021 you need to create a personal connection with your customers through advertising. Customers looking to wrap their cars are looking for a shop that truly cares about their vehicle.

We also specialize in custom fabricating Red Carpet Backdrops and Step and Repeat Banners. Since we offer 10’ wide seamless printing, we have been able to produce fabric back drops or vinyl back drops at an alarming rate. We offer the quickest and most reliable service in Miami which is why so many people choose us!

Printer's Cove Miami has at one time or another produced high quality printing services for prestigious Florida based companies such as The Miami Heat, Florida Marlins, Miami Dolphins, and The Ft. Lauderdale Strikers, Ultra, Life in Color and many other favorable Sports teams and Events. Printer's Cove Miami has also worked with some of Miami's local heavy hitting hip-hop artists such as Poe Boy Record, Strongarm IMG, Rick Ross, Flo-Rida, Trina, Trick Daddy, Billy Blue, Gorilla Zoe, the list goes on and on.

Be it a simple Red Carpet Backdrop, Vinyl Car Wrap, or a sophisticated and complex Building Mural, Printer's Cove Miami has done it all.

Try us out as your next Banner Printing Company in Miami. Printer's Cove Miami guarantees you won't be disappointed!

Large Format Printing Miami
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